Candace’s Thanksgiving Adventure!

Candace's Thanksgiving Adventure


Sports have always been a part of my life. You know if you read my blogs I’m a natural risk taker, and super achiever. At 11 I begged my parents to jump the 5’ ski ramp. It took a year of begging and complaining to convince them, but I did it. Ever since I started running, biking, and swimming more, I’ve identified some interesting challenges and tackled them. Living in Florida, one of those has been to bike the entire Florida Overseas Heritage Trail from Key Largo to Mile Marker 0. This Thanksgiving break I decided to do just that.

After Thanksgiving brunch with two of my sons, I packed up my SUV with all my adventure gear, and drove the six and a half hours from Orlando to Marathon Key. Day one was riding from Marathon to Mile Marker 0 and back. I timed my start just right so I’d get to see the sun coming up over the historic Seven Mile Bridge. Of course, I made a brief stop to take a photo and appreciate all the beauty that is ours to take in. Then on to Mile Marker 0 and back to Marathon.

You might be asking yourself how cycling and water skiing tie in together. On the second day, just as I am coming around a bend in the Overseas Highway, there it is – a 3’ wake board ramp (and five really good looking wakeboarder guys). So, what’s a middle aged former pro water skier to do? Well, stop in and make a reservation for the next day obviously.

As I get older, it really is the little things I uncover while trying to achieve bigger goals that are the real treats. Getting pictures of our client’s kids and even grandkids now, stopping in to see an old cycling friend on the way back, getting to wakeboard while cycling the keys, are just some of the examples from business and life that help me stop and reflect on how truly special it all is.

One of the analogies I love most about sports is whether you’re cycling 300 miles, building a practice/business, starting a family, or any of the other amazing things we’re able to do in this life, you have to believe in your mind that you can do it before you actually do.

We are here to help our clients achieve their goals – from marketing and business goals, to even athletic goals in 2017 and beyond.

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