Facebook Experimenting with Video Ads in Streaming Services

Facebook, the internet’s number 2 ad business, is experimenting with ad targeting for streaming shows. They’re targeting ads to users of Roku and Apple TV, based on the Facebook profiles associated with the viewing profile’s IP address. So far it’s just been free test ads for nonprofits, it’s own product’s or a “handful of name brands”.

This is part of a broader shift in the Social Media industry, as other companies, including Twitter, are trying to build revenue from ads within video. Twitter signed a deal with the NFL this year to stream 10 Thursday Night Football games live. Word from Twitter is that so far the deal has been positive for the social media company with many people watching the games; though I turned to traditional cable as I got annoyed Twitter wouldn’t let me cast the game to my Chromecast…

Snap, the parent company of SnapChat, is also getting into the video game, signing a deal with NBCUnviseral to air shortened versions of TV shows directly through their app.

As video was a major part of social media in 2016, it’s clear it will continue to be in 2017, though in different ways.

Link to full article: Click Here

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