Getting to know Tim

As some of you may know, I am the second son of Candace. As a child, I can remember collating brochures and burning the original REVENEZ CDs in our living room. Growing up, I learned a lot from Candace: perseverance, dedication to your craft, continual self-improvement, the importance of customer service, and many more. I started working for her full-time shortly out of college, though to be honest, I’ve been on the books of CCD since the company started.

My role at Candace Crowe Design hovers over the finance and operations. I handle the on boarding of new clients, trainings on our products, most of the customer service inquiries, email marketing, while also managing the finances and working with the team to improve our internal processes and make things more efficient. I enjoy the data generated from email marketing, and the continual improvement that data makes possible. I also enjoy talking to our customers and trying to service them as best as possible. I truly learn something new at CCD every day.

Working with Candace isn’t always easy. We definitely have our ups and downs, like any family relationship, but I truly enjoy working with Candace, and know that one day she will be gone, and the time I get to spend with her now is priceless.

My goal at CCD is to help Candace grow the company, while maintaining the innovation, customer service, and quality work we are known for and also develop my own voice. I’ve committed to writing one blog per week for the rest of 2017. I enjoy learning about fashion, art, literature, film, new technologies, business operations, finance, email marketing, SEO, Video SEO, and product design. I’ve recently developed a fascination with all things Paul Newman and Steve McQueen. Growing up close to the beach, I also love surfing and anything on the water. I’m also a big soccer fan, growing up playing into college.

I hope that you’ll take the time to get to know me, read some of my blogs, and even give me a call or shoot me an email. It truly is an exciting time at CCD, and I want to share it with you.

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