The Secret to Making $59,152 in 24 hours

Hello readers and cheers to 2023,

As your advocate for all things plastic surgery marketing, I will be sharing a $59,152 client success story with you, so that you too can make money while relaxing at home.

This past Black Friday, Dr. Sorokin generated $59,152 from his online store; In just one day, while he was at home enjoying some family time. So what’s his secret? Read on to learn more about what it takes to be a profitable pro in our age of online shopping.

What do you think is your best e-commerce success to date?

“I think we do good Black Friday promotions. People who are looking to buy something that day are happy to do it on their phone in the comfort of their own home. They’re able to forward ideas to their husbands, and it makes gift buying simple. If you put out a list of 10 different items, they’re sure to find something they like. Even if the promotions aren’t that different from what you already do, people will buy it. It’s very surprising… every 15 minutes, woo is sending me a boop. You’ve sold something. You’ve sold something. ”

How do you get people coming back to your office if they’re shopping online?

“Packages. It’s easy and they’re committed to doing it. When I pre-sell a package of Botox for the year, it means that patient is coming back to my office where we have the potential to have face time with them to discuss other procedures. And in reality, when they come in and don’t have to spend any money because they already bought the package, it makes them more inclined to add on another treatment.”

How do you determine your specials?

“Get a list of 10 different items people want. They will always find something they want. Also, you can look back from previous years’ specials to see what did well and what didn’t when choosing what to promote.”

What do you think sets you apart from your competitors/ peers?

“I use social media to grow the practice tremendously… Posting everyday buys you space in people’s minds. Building an online presence through consistent emails and social media also builds an authentic relationship with your patients.”

What is one thing you would tell plastic surgery practices who aren’t doing E-commerce yet?

“Anyone who isn’t doing it, is throwing away money. I don’t understand why you wouldn’t. But ecommerce is the future, and you’re not going to make money selling $20 cleansers where you discount it, and so you’re really making $5 off a bottle of cleanser. But if you’re selling a package of Botox, those people are coming to you for the next year.”

Becoming an e-commerce pro isn’t that difficult, it just takes the right coach, set-up and follow through. If you’d like help setting up a store, selling prepaid packages and guidance, call us. January is the perfect time to get started.

Your advocate for all things Plastic Surgery Marketing,

Candace Crowe & CCD Team

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