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As you all know, we emphatically believe in the power of before and after photos. We preach about uploading as many quality photos as possible to build trust, showcase your expertise, and attract the specific patients you want to serve. 

Nevertheless, we’ve noticed a pattern recently that you should know about. It’s easy to only capture before and after photos for your most popular procedures, but to have a high performing gallery, all procedures need before and after photos! 

By uploading before and after photos to more procedure categories, you can increase your online visibility and reach a broader audience. According to an analysis of BRAG book clients, a practice with 24 categories in their gallery had 92% more users than a practice with only 10 procedure categories. 

The bottom line is every procedure you offer matters, from mommy makeovers to simple skincare treatments. Potential patients want to see results for every procedure your practice offers. 

Your before and after photos offer a tangible representation of your expertise, inspire confidence in your patients, and increase inquiries. So why not take advantage of the potential and upload photos for every procedure you offer? 

If you’re not one of our BRAG book clients, I encourage you to schedule a demo now. There is no better way to get leads and improve your search optimization than by using BRAG book before and after software.

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