10 E-mail Marketing Tips from Tim

I believe so strongly in e-mail marketing. There is no other medium that allows you to directly stay in touch with your biggest fans. When done consistently and effectively, you can truly drive sales through your e-mail campaigns. E-mail marketing also offers protection. Google may change their ranking metrics for your website, causing you to fall in rankings, but having a strong relationship with your e-mail list offsets those uncertainties. To help craft better e-mail campaigns, read the tips below.

10 Tips for More Effective E-Mail Campaigns

  1. Before you send any email campaign, ask yourself “Is this going to strengthen my relationship with my email list?” E-mail marketing is about building relationships. You need to be adding value to the reader on a regular basis, in order for the more sales geared emails to work.
  2. People hate to be sold, but they love to buy. Make your emails sound like you’re talking to a friend. Write about things you honestly believe that will make their lives better. Give people the opportunity to buy.
  3. Make interaction a priority. Interaction builds relationships. Allow for your readers to respond directly to you. Ask them to even. It will make them invested and will help you understand and better serve your readers.
  4. Share personal stories. You need to get comfortable sharing things about yourself. If your readers don’t know anything about you, they’re not going to know anything about your brand. People buy from people they like. Sharing personal stories helps people connect to you and your brand.
  5. Instead of simply asking people to “Sign up for your e-newsletter,” tell them what they’ll receive. For example, “Do you want to get health and beauty tips, learn more about our practice and doctor, and receive special email only promotions? Sign up!” This helps show people the value you’re going to add to their lives.
  6. Imagine what your ideal patient is like. Try to write directly to them. The more you can connect on a personal level, the more effective and successful your campaigns will be.
  7. Always have a goal for your emails. Whether it’s a special offer, an event invitation, or a call to action, goals are measurable. And measurement leads to success. As Karl Pearson said, “That which is measured improves. That which is measured and reported improves exponentially.”
  8. When asking people to make a purchase or sign up for an event, tell them why. For example, “We believe so strongly in helping our patients achieve their body transformation goals, we’re offering ‘xxx procedure’ for a special savings during the month of May.”
  9. Craft a great subject line. Some of the best appeal to reader’s self-interests. For example, “Ready for your best beach body yet? Here are 5 tips!” This tells the reader explicitly the benefit they will get from opening your email.
  10. Remember, there needs to be an appropriate mix of adding value vs driving sales. If you’re only sending out messages when you want to drive sales, your results won’t be great. If you’re able to consistently add value to your readers’ lives, your sales emails will be vastly more effective.

If you’d like to discuss email marketing feel free to reach out to me.




PS. If you’ve found something that works for your email campaigns, let us know in the comments.

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