Don’t market the procedure. Market the feeling

As we stated a year ago, video will continue to be a huge part of marketing efforts in 2017. Today, I’d like to share some of the top Holiday Advertising campaigns and some of the things your brand can take away from them. The videos were from an Ad Age Article about Christmas Campaigns in the UK.

Buster the Boxer: John Lewis is a UK Department store. The success of this ad relies on its emotional connection with the viewer. I think everyone can relate to Buster, getting left out of some activity at one point or another. Or the excitement of getting that one gift that they wanted. The key take away here is to make, not only give your videos and emotional connection, but all of your marketing.

It’s not just a gift. It’s the Possibility: Samsung did a great job of marketing what people actually do with the products they sell. I think this ties in well with the aesthetic patient. Patients don’t get aesthetic surgery so they can stare at themselves in the mirror, though I’m sure that’s one of the bonuses. Patients get procedures so they can look good at their wedding, at their high school reunion, or even to just to push their kids around the park in the stroller. Sell your patients the idea of how they’ll feel with the procedure. There is definitely an emotional component to this ad too.

English for beginners: This one wasn’t on the Ad Age list, but I thought it was good enough to include. It’s a polish commercial about a grandfather that learns English so that he can visit his granddaughter over the holidays and speak to her. It’s very touching (emotional connection) and I think everyone can relate to visiting a loved one over the holidays.

The common theme throughout these videos is that they connect the brand to the viewer emotionally. It’s like Coke selling happiness. In 2017, I really want to push you to tell your brand’s story emotionally. Tell your audience what your services well help them do in their personal lives. Don’t just sell a procedure, sell the feeling. The younger smoother smile in the mirror sells the facelift just as pulling jeans smoothly over the thighs sells Coolsculpting. The practice that understands this will get the booking. Enhance your marketing with the emotional connection.

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