Your June 2020 Marketing Tips Calendar

Tip 2: Pre-purchase, Pre-order, Pre-pay

Cash is King, Queen, Jack…well, the whole deck of cards for small businesses. It’s the fuel that keeps your practice running.

Here’s one trend many practices have been following in order to keep cash flowing—even when their office was closed. Make buying your services EASY by creating or expanding your online store to include your aesthetician’s services, skincare products and gift cards.

Why not put together a Father’s Day promotion offering the most popular treatment packages for men? BROTOX, Kybella®, HydraFacial®, CoolSculpting, and Emsculpt® (to name a few), then do an email campaign to drive them to your store for purchasing.

Tip 3: Align your marketing message with your values

Great marketing isn’t selling. It’s presenting a solution to someone’s problem. If you market for the sake of selling, you’ll get buyers, not loyal patients. Keeping your marketing inline with your values such as dependability, reliability, loyalty, commitment, open-mindedness, consistency, and honesty, you will attract patients with similar values to those you believe to be important in life. Happy doctor means happy employees, which means happy patients. Now that’s a good formula.

Most of you know we’re a family business, just like many of you. Let us know what we can do to help.

Stay safe and stay smiling,

Candace & Team

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