Your July Marketing Tips

July is the best month of summer (in my opinion). After all, it’s my birthday month! To celebrate I will be riding my bike down a portion of the Mississippi River Trail (MRT) from Lansing, MN to St. Louis, MO. I’ll be camping along the way and look forward to falling asleep “dead tired”, surrounded by nature, and dreaming about the history of the mighty Mississippi River.

Here are my three marketing tips for July.

Tip 1: Be brave

Marketing is only for the brave. Why? There is no guarantee anything works till you see the results. And, you have to pay for it upfront! So make your marketing count. Lukewarm marketing is boring. Seriously, you will get out of your marketing (life) as much as you genuinely invest in it. So be vulnerable, be genuine and be brave.

Tip 2: Be true

Marketing that connects you to the kind of patients you want to serve is authentic and expresses your personality. A great question to ask yourself is what is true to you? Not what marketing or branding is right for someone else, but what is right and true for you and your practice. There isn’t another “you” in the world so let your branding and marketing express YOU.

To do this, meet with your marketing vendor regularly. Be open and let them get to know you, your style and your goals. After all, how can anyone truly help you reach your goals unless they have a relationship with you?

Tip 3: Do a mid-year evaluation

Spend some time in quiet thought. How’s it going? What is going right? Make a list and brainstorm variations of what is working. Identify 3–5 things you could either do more of or do better.

Keep it simple. If it fits on a 5×7 index card, it should be accomplishable. Outline the balance of 2020 but get serious and enter details one to three months at a time. Have a helper at your practice but also call your marketing vendor to get input and guidance.

Stay safe and stay smiling,

Candace & Team

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