Your August Marketing Tips

Your most valuable asset, your greatest power…is your mind. Do something scary and I guarantee you’ll forget about COVID for a moment. My good friend, Jeff Hartog, and I did just that the other day. GREAT fun—thank you Dr. Hartog!

There’s never been a better time to put your mind to work for you instead of against you. Some would call late summer “the dog days of summer” but this year it could more aptly be referred to as “The dog days of COVID”. In my view, now is when you really dig in. When you do, then you earn a “P” for progress because sometimes the goal is to just keep moving forward. This girl, the one that leads this company, sees this time and this pandemic as an opportunity to grow and learn.

I get up at around 4:00 a.m. every morning because it makes my mind strong. I take the first hour or so for myself then lace up my tennis shoes and get my heart pumping.

I didn’t love it at first but after years of conditioning, I do now. When you do the hard stuff over and over, it eventually becomes easy, even enjoyable. In my case, I’ve earned getting to see the sun come up. Growth is up to you. There is actually great joy in the suffering if you choose to grow from it.

These are my three tips for August.

Tip 1: Learn to control your thinking.

Exceptional marketing takes clear thought. Workouts, long runs, swims, yoga, and long, long bike rides erase all the junk in my head. Getting your heart rate up, being outside, sweating and doing something HARD every day clears the clutter in your thinking so you can have more fun at your job and do better work. Get up and do it.

Mindset is everything. Your thinking determines your mood and your mood can determine your actions.

Tip 2: Don’t get stuck in the mud.

When your mind gets tied up in knots—unknot it and try again. Stay focused on the long goal but at minimum, work on the foundation of your marketing message. Who are we? What do we offer the world? How are we connecting with those we serve? How do we enjoy our work? What sucks right now? Work on that. Great satisfaction comes from handling your challenges well.

Tip 3: Look in the mirror.

An essential part of working with our clients is to dive deeply into conversations that enable us to get to know their values, style and unique talents so we can translate that into the work we do for them. Some of our clients have even called it a “therapy” session. We’re able to give the best service to our client when we can connect. If you’d like someone to bounce your thoughts off of, feel free to give me a call. No charge. Just a friend in the industry to offer a hand.

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