Your February Marketing Tips

This month’s focus is the KISS (keep it super simple) formula; fittingly appropriate with Valentine’s Day this month. If you can write your February plan on one 5” x 7” index card it is probably accomplishable for the month. That’s our KISS formula.

February is a good month to start building momentum in your marketing. Set aside one day a week to plan, work on your marketing and check in with your marketing vendor.

Tip 1. Love is in the air with Valentine’s Day this month. Remember kindness isn’t necessarily marketing but it sure is effective. Current customers spend 67% more than new customers, according to Hubspot.

Tip 2. Be thoughtful about your doctor’s photo. People make decisions based on emotions and looks play a big part of those decisions. How do you feel about your headshot? Is it up-to-date or does it date you? Viewers are judging you by your looks and what you have to say about yourself. A headshot is most appropriate for the boardroom. A portrait photo is most appropriate for your website.

When an artist is painting you, they start with getting to know what puts the sparkle in your eyes. What emotions do you want to communicate with your photo? What personality traits? Practice in a mirror and find a pose that emotes the personality you want your viewers to receive. Then find a creative, personable photographer and schedule an appointment with her/him.

What does your headshot say about you?

• Trustworthiness – judged in 1/10 of a second
• Status – based on what you’re wearing
• Intelligence – the better the eye contact, the
more intelligent
• Dominance – shaved or bald heads score the
• Success and potential – the clothes sometimes
make the woman / man

Tip 3. The Pareto Principle states that 80% of your sales come from 20% of your customers. So by spending most of your marketing efforts on your top 3 surgical and non-surgical procedures you will save time and be more effective.

Take action and persist. No plan is perfect. Adjust as you go along. Be sure to find fun along the way and I promise your marketing will be more effective. If you need any help throughout the journey, call me.


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