Marketing Tip for Today

Riding my bike home from the YMCA today, I’m reminded that where I focus is where I’ll go. I like to take the scenic route home after my swim. It’s prettier and has a challenge. Coming out of the Y, the trail goes across an old bridge over the Little Econlockhatchee River, through a grassy meadow and through a narrow gate with a sandy spot and a small hill as you exit the gate.

Getting through the narrow gate without dismounting or falling is a challenge. It requires my full focus. I need to be going fast enough to make it over the soft sand, and position myself and the bike right in the middle of the gate, so I don’t hit it and fall. To do this, I look for a small object on the ground midway between the gate and focus my full attention on that. This keeps my mind from thinking about hitting the fence. When I’m not fully focused, I become afraid of hitting the fence, I wobble, and have to dismount and walk my bike through. But when I commit to focusing on that little rock, or pebble, I fly over the sand, through the gate, and up the hill. I feel the rush and satisfaction of overcoming distraction, and hitting my goal.

It’s like this for your marketing as well. If you’re not fully focused on your marketing sweet spot, you can become distracted, lose momentum, and lose the determination and focus you need to hit your marketing and practice goals.

2020 is a great new year. At the start of it, take some time to focus on 3 things that will help with your marketing.

  1. Love and serve your patients to the best of your ability, helping them reach their beauty goals
  2. Focus your marketing to attract the patients you enjoy and can help the most
  3. Schedule time to talk regularly with your marketing vendor

Focus is a powerful thing: You feel it when you’re in surgery; you feel it when you have confidence in your goal; you feel it when you study a face to determine where you will place the injections. Bring that kind of focus when listening to your patients and communicating with your marketing vendor, and watch your marketing do more.

Aesthetically yours,

Candace Crowe
President / Artist


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