How to get good reviews 🍯🍯🐝

How to get good reviews 🍯🍯🐝

Reviews are important but asking can be uncomfortable. So, I thought how can we make it a sweet experience? This is what I came up with… the Honey Stick review 🍯🍯🍯🐝

Sweet and Simple

The Honey Stick helps turn what can be an awkward experience into a positive and fun treat for the patient. Instead of directly asking them for something, you are giving the patient a reward. Not only is the Honey Stick a sweet surprise, it’ll give them a nostalgic experience, like when they were a kid, getting a lolly pop at the end of an appointment. While the Honey Stick is healthier, and more grown up, it is still a great treat, and most importantly, the surprise gives the recipient a pop of serotonin. The patient will feel great, and remember that feeling, making it more likely that they will follow the instructions on the card attached to the stick.

You can put a request to go to a review site, like “Leave us a review on Google” or “Share your experience on RealSelf”. Or you can send them to a landing page on your site with links to review sites. This helps ensure that they go to the right place, and it allows you to easily rotate where your patients are instructed to leave reviews. Rotating out the links ensures that you don’t end up with a ton of reviews on just one site and you’ll have a presence across all types of review sites, creating the best opportunity to develop new leads.

Let me know what you think and if you’d like to make an order 🙂

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