KISS: Keep It Simple Sender

Email campaigns can be tough to manage, but are highly rewarding. DMA says that email marketing returns $44 for every dollar spent. We’ve looked at how we can improve our email campaigns by improving our open rate, maintaining segmented subscriber lists and by starting subscriptions off with a well-worded welcome letter. Our last entry in this series maybe our easiest advice yet: keep it simple, sender.

There can be only one (call to action)

Choices slow down the reader, just give them one clear way to respond to your email. If you want them to buy something online, offer a nice clear “shop now” button. If you want them to contact the office, provide your preferred method of contact. The temptation is offer choice, buttons for calling, buttons for emails, buttons for the online form–do not give into temptation. Your email can have multiple links, but there should only be one call to action and it should be strong and clear.

Stay Focused: Single Topic Emails

According to a Ascend2 research report, 46% of their survey respondents saw an improvement in engagement when they switched to single topic emails. Why? Because one topic necessarily means more focus on one call to action. People lead busy lives, you have to get in and get your message heard quickly. And then give them a call to action once they’ve heard you.

Keep the English Simple Too

According to Boomerang, Emails written at a 3rd grade reading level produce the best results. This doesn’t mean dumb things down, it means make your writing simpler and plainer. No complex sentences. No technical jargon. Just simpler words and fewer of them per sentence.

Have a Plan for Consistency

Consistency breeds engagement. Sending simpler messages every 1 to 2 weeks will increase open and engagement rates. At a minimum, a monthly check-in with subscribers will pay off down the road with better engagement rates for future emails. Plan out your calendar so you know how many topics you need and when you should do any seasonal topics.

Improving Your Ecampaigns

Perhaps one of the simplest ways to improve your ecampaigns is to partner with a trusted provider to produce your email campaigns. We partner in a variety of ways with practices, from simply providing templates to planning and execution. If you are interested in improving the effectiveness of your email campaigns, contact us today.

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