Two secrets to a great open rate

What good is a letter or your email if it goes unopened? You’ve got to provoke interest. Be irresistible. Induce curiosity… For direct mail that means an envelope that provokes curiosity. For an e-mail it is 5 to 7 words.

According to Convince and Convert, 35% of email recipients open emails based on the subject line alone. You want to be engaging without crossing the line into aggressive or spammy. You also have to learn your audience’s tastes, and they have to become familiar with you and your content. Crafting an effective subject line takes time and experimentation.

Here are some tips to help you get started:
• Keep it short, 5 to 7 words
• Be clear, be truthful – the more you are trusted the better your engagement rates will be
• Personalize, put their name in it!
• Be timely – emails that evoke urgency (deadlines) and emails that coincide with the reader’s world (birthday message on her birthday, holiday greeting on the holiday) are more likely to be opened

Hello Sophia, What’s Our Beauty Secret?
Pairs nicely with BOTOX
You can’t buy this on Amazon

The “From” email address is just as important
The obviousness of the subject line’s importance makes people forget about the power of the sender’s name. It is completely overlooked and yet it may be a more impactful factor for your open rate. If an email is from someone you like, you’ll open it regardless of what the subject line is. This is true with your business emails too!

To make sure your open rate is as high as possible, test different sender names. If you’re sending emails from the practice’s name, like “Orlando Plastic Surgery,” try humanizing: “Your Friends at Orlando Plastic Surgery,” “The Staff of Orlando Plastic Surgery.” Or personalize, and have the email come from the patient coordinator, like “Sarah at Orlando Plastic Surgery.”

Advantage Mail has tools to test subject lines and sender names so you can reach your max audience on every send. Call us today for a guided tour of Advantage Mail features that optimize your email campaigns.

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