Look at Yourself Through a Patient’s Eyes.

It’s easier to define yourself in the eyes of your audience when you know who your target audience is. In marketing for plastic surgery practices, the target audience is the “typical” patient. A recent study by the **American Board of Plastic Surgery shows that 92% of all plastic surgery patients are women — 8% are men; 75% chose to have a procedure to improve their physical appearance — 25% to advance their career. You can use this as a general guideline, but you will want to identify a more specific target audience based on your own practice.

This study also validated that women want to have good rapport, be listened to, and feel comfortable sharing their concerns. Other factors include the doctor’s skills, experience, and recommendations by others. So, in order to relate to this target audience, a good brand for a plastic surgeon would include images that reflect self-confidence and professional success. It would also present a physician that has the ability to connect with and listen to patient cares and concerns—one that’s trustworthy, credentialed, and experienced.

Take some time to think about how you look through the eyes of your typical patient. Here’s a little exercise I’d like for you to do. Gather together all of your marketing materials. Look through them and ask yourself these three questions: what do my patients need to see; what do I need to tell them; and does the appearance of my marketing materials represent the quality of service I offer?

Wishing you time to consider these questions,
Candace Crowe
President, Creative Director

Candace Crowe Design
Educating Patients. Marketing You.

** ASPS: Influences on Decision-Making for Undergoing Plastic Surgery: A Mental Models and Quantitative Assessment, March 1, 2005

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