Never stop moving – What holds you back?

One Year Today I celebrate. One year ago Gail, her husband, and Jim invited me to cycle with them. I had been going to spin class for several years but never did street riding with a group. That day changed my life. The 32-mile ride was a big deal. The friendship, the challenge, the outdoors, the fatigue. I LOVED IT ALL!!!

When asked again the next week, I wanted to go but had to make a decision. I knew if I went again my life would change, and I would have to change with it. I was concerned. Did I have what it takes to change?

We were to ride on a Saturday morning. Friday evening I waited for the text to come to say where we were meeting up and riding. No text came. Another decision… do I ask or just let it slip? I couldn’t let it go. I had to ride. I needed it, I wanted it. I enjoyed the people, and I enjoyed the challenge, the nature, seeing cows, the sweaty exhaustion. So I texted, “I’m going. Where do we meet?”

After that ride, Jim was going to swim laps at the Y and said, “Want to go?”

I replied, “REALLY? You’re not exhausted.”

His simple comment back was, “It’s a different muscle group. You’ll be fine.” So I went swimming.

That was the start of it all. It’s become a daily thing for me now. To push harder and stronger than the week before. To experience the joy of moving my body outdoors and becoming stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally. Biking has introduced me to swimming Lucky’s Lake, kicking a soccer ball while running, trail hiking, kayaking, hip hop hustle, my old love of jazz and ballet, and doing cartwheels again:)

Today I took my anniversary cycle ride with the Florida Freewheelers. 42 miles, average speed 16 mph. A good ride for me. I have learned I can do more than I ever thought I could. I look forward to another 30 years of pushing hard, running hard, and finding the joy from doing it.

Never stop moving. What holds you back?

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