How to Increase Revenue in a Plastic Surgery Practice

How to Increase Revenue in a Plastic Surgery Practice Through In-Practice Marketing

Are you looking to advertise your services to that perfect captive audience? We all want to increase practice revenues, but breaking through the noise of social media and search engine results is tough and time consuming to boot. But you’re in luck, we know where to find that patient who will sit still for 45 minutes.

Next time you’re having your teeth cleaned, look up past the lights and notice the advertising stuck on the ceiling. While you might not be in the most receptive mood with a steel pick scraping against your enamel, that Invisalign poster is one of the few things of visual interest in your line of sight and their sales reps know it. And you should apply that lesson to where you perform CoolSculpting.

Think about it. For about an hour you have a perfectly captive audience for your marketing. Now, most plastic surgery offices and medspas are more high-end and experience-oriented than your neighborhood dentist, but the principal is the same. You just have to be a little more clever and discrete!

3 tips to marketing in-practice

Here are three tips we’ve mined from the industry on how to take advantage of the time CoolSculpting allows for in-practice marketing.

1. Branded YouTube Channels

Do you have a smart TV? It’s a TV that is internet-ready and has apps like YouTube. An AppleTV or GoogleTV can turn any TV into a smart TV. Instead of letting Today play in the background, program a YouTube playlist interspersed with infomercials for products and services you offer.

What content do I put in my YouTube Channel? Create a variety of themed playlists to offer your patients: top 40 music videos, soothing nature videos, news reports, trivia clips. You can find it all on YouTube, including ads and informational pieces produced by Allergan and Obagi. You can even offer up your own videos in your playlists.

2. Branded Tablet Apps

Instead of putting the content on a wall-mounted TV, put it in your patient’s hand and let them explore. Branded tablet apps can be stocked with information about your services, videos, including YouTube playlists, and engaging quizzes that can help patients determine if a product or service may be right for them.

3. Tasteful, Branded Advertising

Take a page from the dentists’ playbook and put the advertising in the room. After all, some patients may wish to listen to their own music or read their own tablet. But instead of tacking up a corporate poster, commission tasteful advertisements branded to your practice. Your patients will see your messaging, but it won’t look out of place in your office and will be in keeping with the patient experience you wish to deliver – you’ll just happen to be advertising!

Any of these can plant the seed, and some will take hold, blossoming into increased revenue.

Here’s a sample of what a YouTube Playlist you could create to entertain and advertise your services. It features a mix of beauty tips, fashion, news and of course, advertisements and informational segments on products and services you offer. Press the “Next” arrow buttons to quickly flip through the selection of videos.

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