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John obsesses over technology news, hunting for the latest gem of information that will help our clients stand out from their competition and stay on the cutting edge. In addition to co-developing and co-teaching the DIY SEO Course, John focuses on copy writing, email marketing and WordPress development.

How to Leverage Pokémon Go

The new Pokémon Go game is a huge hit with people of all ages and already small businesses are leveraging the game into more foot traffic and revenue. And so can you! Pokémon Go is a new riff on the classic trading card game from...

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Creating Super Ads

Traits of Ads That Get Noticed All successful ads have something in common, the ability to connect with the reader. Connecting is the most important trait of an ad, but there are other aspects of the ad that are important: Advertising is a way that businesses can build on their...

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Easy ROI: The Value of Email Marketing

Easy ROI: The Value of Email Marketing Do you ever feel like screaming in the face of all your marketing options? Every day it seems there’s a new way of doing the same thing: connecting with patients. But there is only one channel that everyone is on. It’s the way...

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A Brief History of Mobile/Smartphone Technology

A Brief History of Mobile/Smartphone Technology “We are living in the largest increase in expressive capability in human history.” Clay Shirky, TED talk, June 2009 In his TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) talk Clay Shirky chronicles the expansion of our expressive capabilities, from the printing press 500 years ago to...

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