Creating Super Ads

Creating Super Ads for Plastic Surgeons

Traits of Ads That Get Noticed

All successful ads have something in common, the ability to connect with the reader. Connecting is the most important trait of an ad, but there are other aspects of the ad that are important:

  • Advertising is a way that businesses can build on their brand’s reputation in a way that no salesman or employee can. A good ad will highlight the positive qualities of that brand.
  • Today consumers are bombarded with hundreds, if not thousands, of marketing messages each day. An effective ad will break through all the clutter and really speak to the consumer.
  • People buy things that fill a need or want, so effective ads clearly show a product or service that will fill needs or wants.

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Commercials watched and re-watched; Twitter emerges as an ad force

The Nielsen Company released survey results in 2010 that just felt right to everyone – more people watch the Super Bowl for the commercials than for the game. While a 51%-49% preference is rather slim, the Super Bowl is the one broadcasting event where people do watch commercials instead of actively ignoring them. In fact, they re-watch them!

DVR maker TiVo has been releasing data collected from its set top boxes for the past eleven years, chronicling the top plays based on re-views and the top ads. This year, Taco Bell’s “Viva Young” was the top spot, an ad featuring retirees partying late into the night, ostensibly fueled by Doritos Los Tacos Supreme. (Using a Spanish version of Fun’s “We are Young” as the soundtrack was a particularly nice touch.) Doritos’ “Goat for Sale” spot was #2, and the “Fashionista Daddy” featuring burly men in drag having fun at a tea party was #4. Hyundai’s “Team” squeezed in at #3.
Also of interest, the emergence of Twitter as a co-marketing force. Oreo had an ad during the game, but its tweet of a pic taken during the blackout featuring the line “You can still dunk in the dark” was the talk of the industry having drummed up 16,000 retweets. Audi also had a bit of fun during the blackout, tweeting that they’d send some LEDs to the Mercedes-Benz Superdome and raking up nearly 10,000 retweets by 2 a.m. Expect an emphasis on Twitter next year!


  • Use the analytics that social media platforms provide in order to engage patients more effectively.
  • Post photos and videos whenever you can. They are much more engaging and likely to be shared.
  • Be consistent in your posting schedule so patients can anticipate your next contact with them.
  • Maximize your reach by using all of your marketing channels (blog, Facebook, email) to communicate a single message to patients.
  • Have a sense of humor. Everyone needs a laugh and they’re more fun when they’re shared.

BEST OF THE BEST: Winners of the Ad Bowl

Our Favorite: “Farmer” for Ram Trucks. Featuring a poem written and read by the late Paul Harvey, the ad does a brilliant job connecting the Ram brand to the hard working, salt of the Earth, underappreciated American farmer. Gorgeous photography and Harvey’s legendary delivery set a high bar for production values.

TiVo’s Top Ad:
“Viva Young” for Taco Bell. Very memorable ad with a catchy Spanish cover of Fun’s big hit “We Are Young.” Memorable because instead of featuring their core demographic, the actors are senior citizens acting like 20 somethings. Ad Age felt that this inference that Taco Bell keeps you young at heart may appeal to the aging Gen-Xers.

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