Traits of Plastic Surgery Ads That Get Noticed

Traits of Plastic Surgery Ads That Get Noticed

Advertising products and services has been going on for hundreds of years, but modern advertising started around the 1920s. The advancements of the industrial age made differentiating goods and services on quality, price, and characteristics essential. Advertising has changed immensely since the first ads for products like cigarettes and soap. One thing has stayed the same though, and that is what makes an ad successful.

All successful ads have something in common, the ability to connect with the reader. Connecting is the most important trait of an ad, but there are other aspects of the ad that are important:
• Advertising is a way that businesses can build on their brand’s reputation in a way that no salesman or employee can. A good ad will highlight the positive qualities of that brand.
• Today consumers are bombarded with hundreds, if not thousands, of marketing messages each day. An effective ad will break through all the clutter and really speak to the consumer.
• People buy things that fill a need or want, so effective ads clearly show a product or service that will fill needs or wants.

Here are the characteristics of an ad that gets noticed:
It is targeted. If a practice wants to advertise their specials on breast reconstruction for BRA Day, placing an ad in a local women’s magazine will be better than putting it in the local newspaper.
• It will have good copy and a clear call to action. The ad should tell the consumer the service you are marketing and why they should choose you. The copy should set you apart from the competition based on training, experience, or awards, and tell them to book surgery by March 9th and receive a free syringe of Botox.
• It will have a dominant element with some white space. A large image and a bold headline with some breathing space will help the ad jump off the page. Successful marketing pieces draw the reader’s eye to where the marketer wants them to look.
Build trust. A well-designed ad will build on the Halo Effect. People are hardwired to be attracted to design that makes them feel good, gives them hope, and shows that the advertiser cares.
Clearly communicate your brand. Your logo and tagline should be the same ones used across all marketing pieces. Having a good tagline is one of the most important aspects of a brand and making sure it is in all your marketing pieces is essential. Doing this will build brand recognition and trust. The address, phone number, website address of the practice should also be present.

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