Easy ROI: The Value of Email Marketing

The Value of Email Marketing

Easy ROI: The Value of Email Marketing

Do you ever feel like screaming in the face of all your marketing options? Every day it seems there’s a new way of doing the same thing: connecting with patients. But there is only one channel that everyone is on. It’s the way most people prefer to receive marketing messages. And it’s the most effective method, returning $44 for every $1 spent. It is good old email, and it might just be your most valuable marketing tool.

What makes email so valuable?

It’s ubiquity, essentially. All your patients have email accounts and they are mobile. They access their email through desktops, smartphones, and iPads, anywhere they happen to be. Aside from communication, the email handle is what we use to log in to all social media sites. It’s how we pay bills, send documents and do business, personal and professional. When we check our email, we are ready to receive and digest information and marketing messages – 77% prefer to get marketing messages via email for this reason.
And emails are trackable. With an e-campaign management service like REVENEZ mail, you can see how your recipients interact with your message. Tracking who clicked what  lets you see exactly what your customers are interested in, allowing you to precisely adjust quickly to changing demands. Or, you can segment your mailing list and tailor messages to distinct target audiences.

As the technology grows, targeting will become increasingly precise allowing you to send truly personal emails even when sending massive campaigns and automatic triggers will become more sophisticated allowing you to message your patients exactly when they are interacting with your online presence. And the messages themselves will become more visually interesting with better support for HTML 5 and video integration.

Services like REVENEZ mail already allow for sophisticated automation and personalization. Check out our newest email templates designed specifically for the aesthetic industry. There are a several plans to choose from and we offer great technical support.

Five Tips to Creating Email Campaigns That Get Noticed and Shared

1. Plan your newsletter. Define your goal. What audience are you going to send it to? Will you send it to your entire database or just a segment?

2. Craft a good subject line. Subject lines that are relatively short, engaging, and give the reader an idea of the message of the email are best.

3. Have a clear call to action and keep it close to the top of your newsletter. The goal is to have the readers do something, so tell them how to do it (come to an event, learn more about a certain procedure, give likes on social networks).

4. To avoid spam filters, limit the use of risky keywords like free, buy, promo, etc. Instead, use something like “book your consultation by Friday,” or “attend our quarterly luncheon.”

5. Check grammar and spelling. Of course everyone makes mistakes, but taking the time to have a couple of people in your office proof your newsletter will eliminate the majority of them.

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