Reasons You Need a Brand

A brand positions your practice in people’s minds. Most patients make choices based on both emotion and intellect, but mostly by what they remember about their experience with you and your practice. By defining your brand, you help establish a network of associations in the minds of your target audience. For plastic surgeons, the target audience is your typical patient.

A brand strategy will positively draw your target audience to you. Creating a brand can be an excellent way to communicate how you can meet individual needs. For example, a physician who wants to be known as an expert in body contouring should have a consistent emphasis on the specific advantages the practice has to offer. Even if you want to be known as a practice that serves all plastic surgery needs, branding can clearly state to patients your services and communicate that you are a qualified plastic surgeon, if not one of the best in your field.

Having a brand that defines the quality and purpose of your practice sets you apart from the competition. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that the number of procedures performed per year has grown considerably. From 1992 to 2004, cosmetic plastic surgery procedures increased by 700%. In 2008, board certified surgeons performed more than 12 million cosmetic procedures, and almost 5 million reconstructive procedures. With so many more patients seeking these types of services, a plastic surgeon needs a strong brand to state clearly what sets his or her practice high above the rest.

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