REVENEZ 1 in PSP, Plastic Surgery Practice Magazine

REVENEZ 1 in PSP, Plastic Surgery Practice Magazine

Buzz continues to build around REVENEZ!  We are so excited by the positive press and feedback our REVENEZ 1 has been receiving. And now we’ve extended platform capability to the HP TouchSmart and similar touchscreen devices. Spurred by our customers and thanks to our talented team, consults can enjoy and learn from our REVENEZ videos on internet-ready touchscreens in your consultation room.

I think this is a perfect example of our ability to listen and cater to individual customers in a way that improves the product for our entire base,” said Candace Crowe. “The expansion serves our customers who already have made investments in hardware like wall-mounted touchscreen displays and allows for great flexibility in consultation style.

In addition to expanding platform choices for REVENEZ 1, we have also added five more educational videos and will roll out five more before the end of July.

Article on REVENEZ 1 in PSP magazine

Psst… We’ve got a secret: We’re going mobile!

Soon, your consults will walk home with REVENEZ 1 on their smart phone, letting them review  consultation materials at home with their loved ones. AND with their friends. The procedures you perform, your credentials, enticing and educational videos and your before & afters will be optimized for the mobile shopper’s point of decision. No longer do 30- and 40-year-old women shop and research on the desktop at home. They shop and research waiting for soccer practice to finish. Any minute spent waiting is now a minute spent online, on their phone.

Call today and cater to this demographic with optimized navigation and visual display for mobile devices.

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