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Tips for Strengthening an Aesthetic Practice’s Brand

A strong brand is not created over night. In fact, a properly handled brand gets stronger over time. Your brand can become stronger by constantly keeping abreast of how your target audience perceives you, assessing your marketing plan, trying new strategies, and defining your goals. An ongoing, consistent brand-building process...

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Set yourself apart from competing practices…

MARKETING TIP. Set yourself apart from competing practices by developing a distinctive branding concept that suits your personal style. Wishing you marketing success, Candace Crowe President, Creative Director Candace Crowe Design Educating Patients. Marketing You. www.CandaceCrowe.com Copyright © 2010 | Candace Crowe Design | All Rights Reserved

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Product + Personality = Brand

What do people see in their minds’ eye when they think of your practice? No one has direct control over how people think about you, but how you present yourself to others influences how they perceive you. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “you never get a second chance to...

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