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Make certain that your website…

MARKETING TIP. Make certain that your website shows the personality of your practice, educates your patients, and welcomes viewers to book appointments. Wishing you marketing success, Candace Crowe President, Creative Director Candace Crowe Design Educating Patients. Marketing You. www.CandaceCrowe.com Copyright © 2010 | Candace Crowe Design | All Rights Reserved

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Your website is the front door for a patient.

Does being a plastic surgeon make good web design more important to your success? How important is a well designed website to the success of your practice? How many of you think good design gives you a return on your investment? How many think it doesn’t matter? I love working...

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Compelling reasons for patient education

Following are two very compelling reasons to implement a clear strategy and process for educating patients on your website, in your office, and to have take home education. “Patient confusion—driven by heightened cosmetic medicine competition and marketing—is perhaps the greatest threat to a plastic surgery practice. Patients may not understand...

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