The Model Project makes real patient photos easy

Hello friends and readers. How have you been? It’s been over a year since we’ve committed time to writing to you. Like many, I’ve needed time to sort things out since COVID changed our world. But, today I have some thoughts and a new project I’d like to share.

Why do you do what you do everyday? Most likely it’s because you find joy in helping others feel good about themselves. These patients become your best marketing with their own kind of words.

For many years we have wanted an easier way to have real patient photos to use for our clients’ marketing materials. Now we have one! We call it The Model Project.

The Model Project reimagines the traditional photoshoot, allowing you to showcase real patient experiences and results. It captures authentic photos so that viewers can have an honest experience with your website and marketing materials. You’ll never have the same stock photography as a competitor.

Here’s how it goes. 

When you talk with a patient that has a superb result, is photogenic, and whose life has positively changed, ask them if they’d like to share their joy by becoming part of your “Model Project”.  Once you have 3-4 patients on board, set a date for the shoot and call us.

We will handle the rest. We pre-plan, fly in, scout location, organize the shot list, art direct, and take the photos. We can even do facility and OR photos!

You can see examples of a Model Project shoot we did for The Geldner Center by checking our updated website. 

Thank you for reading this, please call or email me if you have comments, questions or if you need some assistance in any way. I want to hear how you are getting along and if you are finding a new sense of joy and meaning in your life’s work.

Let me know if you’d like to talk.



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