Top Level VIP Package

The top level of our SEO and Digital Marketing Packages is our VIP Synergy Group. As part of our Google Partner status for our work managing our client’s Google Ads, we must state that our SEO services are not verified or endorsed by Google.

In the VIP Synergy Group there will never be a conflict of interest and because it’s limited to one per region, the group is open for sharing among each other their marketing campaigns, successes and questions. It is a full-service plan.

Together with the practice, CCD creates a specific 12 month plan for your practice. Then each month we meet to determine if adjustments need to be made. We focus on boosting the kind of patients you want to serve and tactics that build equity in your practice, giving you the most satisfaction and ROI. Includes end-of-year recap and look ahead “marketing planner.”It’s a good way for us to stay focused on the work you want us to do.

A La Carte and Custom Plans

Essentials Only Hosting & Security: CCD offers this plan for practices that just want and need the basics… a beautiful, safe and secure website.

Purely SEO: CCD manages the essentials of SEO, hosting, security and provides a design library of email templates. This plan is for those who have someone at the practice that understands and has time to work on their marketing. CCD provides high quality templates and strategy support but the practice takes care of the day to day “doing” of the marketing.

A La Carte: email newsletters, social posts, blogs, marketing plans, and spectacular websites. Be sure to check out Advantage Play and BRAG book.

Ready to be a VIP?