Radiant Life Magazine Puts You on the Cover

New printing techniques and digital editions breathe life into an old medium, creating great marketing opportunities for the aesthetic industry.

“I believe in Internet interactive platforms, such as offered in Radiant Life’s magazine, because people interested in plastic surgery expect it. People want information anywhere, anytime. It makes a lot of sense,” said Dr. Stuart Kincaid of San Diego, CA. “Interactive platforms allow for content to be viewed on the Internet, tablets, phones, and any other device with the inclusion of audio, video, website links, and e-mail communication. People interested in plastic surgery can even take surveys, make appointments, and process product orders.” 

Learn about VDP, digital magazines and see a copy for yourself at our blog.

Engage patients the way they want to be engaged

People interested in aesthetic treatments are less and less shy about their desires, and they can and will hold public discussions about your services. Most plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgery practices are ready to participate in the conversation, but lack the digital resources to meet the demand for information. Are you ready to engage patients how they want to be engaged?