Your practice through the eyes of a patient…

Each one of you is uniquely different. Yet to most patients you look the same. You all wear suits, you all are highly educated and professional, and you all are passionate about your work. You know your differences and what makes you unique, but how can a patient know that?

How are you going to set yourself apart from all the rest? In the marketing world we call it your unique selling point or USP. It could be you’re the absolute best at a certain procedure, something specific about your experience, a certain area of expertise, the quality of your staff, the attributes of your facility, or who knows what — you do though!

What is your USP (unique selling point)? The wife of one of our client’s was wise enough to say to her husband, “Honey, there are eight other board-certified plastic surgeons in our city just like you. Let’s make a list of what’s different and unique about you and our practice – so we can give patients an idea of why they should choose you.”

This is an essential exercise to do so that you can tell potential patients know why they should choose you:

What is your point of differentiation from your competitors?
List three to five complaints patients share with you.
Who are you? What services do you provide?
How does what you do benefit your patients?
Why do patients pick you?
What problems do you solve for your patients?
What problems cause your patients the most concern?

Once you’ve identified what’s truly unique about you, put it in 50 words or less. This may take some time to really wordsmith the sentences and make them truly represent you, but the end result will be more effective marketing communications coming from your practice.

Wishing you aesthetic beauty in all you do!

Candace Crowe

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