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Engage patients the way they want to be engaged

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

Quantum teleportation, laser beam weapons and heart monitors in cellphones. Technology today is revolutionary. And the biggest revolution is our unlimited, portable access to information and a timeless, many-to-many communication channel – the smartphone with social media. According to this great TED talk by Clay Shirky, many-to-many communication fundamentally democratizes access and the publication of information.

And it is timeless because all internet communication is recorded forever and can be accessed anytime in the future, so a conversation that started today can be picked up tomorrow, next week, next month or even ten years from now. How is this any different than the internet of 10 years ago? Nearly everyone uses the internet, most carry an internet connection in their pocket, and everyone can connect to everyone else through social media. So what does that mean for your practice? Here’s a real-life example from one plastic surgeon.

A woman interested in breast augmentation accessed the Facebook page of one of our clients and publicly asked to speak with former patients for a candid evaluation (an example of one to many). Our client, the surgeon, quickly responded to her post and suggested that she come in for a consult, and he can help her connect with patients. Turns out that she had already booked a consult and was just curious to hear from others.

If this were an anonymous post on a review site or forum, that’d probably be the end of the discussion, but she was logged into her Facebook account. Not only did her friends probably see her post on his page through their News Feed, they probably then saw how fast he responded. In many-to-many communication, everyone can produce a message for everyone to see, and everyone can respond in kind. And in the News Feed, they are given equal weight – a post from a New York Times columnist and a rejoinder by Uncle Jimmy look just the same to the casual viewer.

Two weeks after this conversation started, another woman picked up the conversation (the timeless nature of today’s communication). She (a member of the many responding to one) wanted the same patient reviews AND wanted to see more Before and Afters – the surgeon only had a couple on his website . The original poster responded almost instantly “via mobile.” Her consult must have gone well; she announced she was having her pre-op today and was excited. She also let everyone know “he’s got lots more Before and Afters in his office.”

People interested in aesthetic treatments are less and less shy about their desires, and they can and will hold public discussions about your services. The average Facebook user has 229 friends and this particular client of ours has 355 fans. Roughly estimated, the three involved in this discussion could have reached 813 people.

Our client was ready to participate in this conversation, but didn’t have the digital resources to answer or meet the demand for reviews or additional Before and Afters. Despite this, 813 people may have found out that he has plenty to see in his office, and any future researcher will find that information. Are you ready and able to engage patients the way they want to be engaged?

Announcing REVENEZ 1, our new web-based app

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Today is a wonderful day with so much to be thankful for. I want each of you to know how much I appreciate you. The plastic surgery industry is an exciting industry and I’m so very glad to be a part of it. It’s still a small enough industry to know many of you personally. I enjoy hearing about your practices and the plans and dreams you have for them.

It’s true that iron sharpens iron; thanks to many of you for your input and requests for ways to help market and improve the consultation. You make us better. So, with the launch of REVENEZ 1, our new web-based app, I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts.

If you are going to the ASAPS meeting in Vancouver, I hope to see you there. If not, I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Warmly,   Candace

REVENEZ Praised as “Moving Art” That Educates

Friday, June 4th, 2010

How do you get patients in your waiting room to notice patient education that also gently markets your services? Well-known Eugene, Oregon plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Jewell feels that his new REVENEZ [REV-eh-nay] looping video does just that for his patients while they wait. “When you visit my office, you will see Candace Crowe Design’s REVENEZ product running on large screen video displays in the reception, medispa, and consulting areas… It provides lovely visual imagery that becomes very enthralling, [in fact] patients frequently comment, ‘Could I finish watching it before we talk about me?’”


Wishing you a week full of profitable work, joy, and laughter,
Candace Crowe
President, Creative Director

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Make certain that your website…

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

MARKETING TIP. Make certain that your website shows the personality of your practice, educates your patients, and welcomes viewers to book appointments.

Wishing you marketing success,

Candace Crowe
President, Creative Director

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Educating Patients. Marketing You.
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This is the last of my four part series…

Monday, August 31st, 2009

This is the last of my four part series titled “SPONTANEOUS EFFORTS DON’T PRODUCE CONSISTENT RESULTS”.


Marketing is fundamentally a conversation between your patients/potential patients and your practice. All marketing, whether it is internal or external, needs to have the heart of great customer service and guide, educate, and encourage your patients. External marketing tells your target audience you have a service that can help them reach their goals. Internal marketing’s goal is to create and retain loyal patients who will recommend you.

Your website is a great example of external marketing. At its basic level, it can help new patients find you – but it can be much more than that. A great, patient-focused website will project an image that inspires confidence in your services.

Loyalty programs, keeping in touch with consults and patients through email, personal notes, phone calls, seminars, great patient education, a video loop that features all of your services for your waiting area, are all great examples of internal marketing. Internal marketing generally costs less and produces a higher return.

Focus on creating an integrated strategy, using both internal and external marketing to promote your practice to patients and prospects. Keep the conversation going and you will be rewarded with long-term, mutually satisfying relationships with the types of patients you want to serve.

Thank you for reading my four part series titled “SPONTANEOUS EFFORTS DON’T PRODUCE CONSISTENT RESULTS”.

Candace Crowe, President, Creative Director

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Compelling reasons for patient education

Monday, April 13th, 2009

Following are two very compelling reasons to implement a clear strategy and process for educating patients on your website, in your office, and to have take home education.

Patient confusion—driven by heightened cosmetic medicine competition and marketing—is perhaps the greatest threat to a plastic surgery practice. Patients may not understand the benefits of certain procedures or may have misconceptions about the outcomes. They may know about one treatment, but not understand how a series of treatments and procedures can work in combination for better results. Still other new patients may fear the pain and cost associated with invasive procedures. All of these and other factors mean that building trust is an essential process unique to each physician. But as the industry evolves, bringing with it a constant stream of new issues that impact cosmetic medicine, plastic surgeons should be mindful of the need to constantly reinforce patient trust through education.” –MemberGuide.pdf, page 15


A website is one of the most important tools to educate patients even before they walk in the door and create compelling reasons to prompt them to schedule a consultation. Making the most of a website—whether the practice is developing one for the first time or optimizing an existing site—is an integral part of a successful cosmetic practice.” –MemberGuide.pdf, page 25

MAKE A SUGGESTION — we love hearing from you!

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Each year we strive to improve, make updates to, and create additional “video” presentations for Revenez. By popular demand, in January we released a new module for Mommy Makeover. This particular presentation describes the procedures that are available to help restore a mother to her pre-pregnancy figure.

This Summer we have plans to develop a “video” for bracheoplasty and skin care.  Please feel free to recommend a procedure, treatment, or product you would like to see added.

Revenez for the web gives visitors to your website fast access to explanations of your procedures and treatments while presenting valuable, easy to understand information. Go to to view all 22 modules available.

I hope to hear from you soon,

Your Practice Through the Eyes of a Patient

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

Why should patients choose you when there are so many options available today? Patients will choose you if they feel confident that you will get them the results they are looking for. There are three basic steps a consult goes through when making a decision about having plastic surgery.

1. TRUST is built mostly by the by you the surgeon, your education, years of experience, your involvement with the community, and your professional affiliations. How does the practice staff make me feel about myself? Is there good rapport? Do I feel listened to and understood? Do I believe you can help me achieve my appearance goals?

2. EVIDENCE is largely built by your before and after photos, what others say about you, and do you come recommended by their friends. Has you helped others achieve their appearance goals?

3. PATIENT EDUCATION is the single most effective means of booking more surgeries. Do I know enough about the procedures to make an informed decision? How will it affect my work, my home life, and can I afford it?

Marketing that translates to more patients is really all about attracting and creating good trusting relationships.

Kindest regards,


How to attract and keep patients in times like these

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

What can you do to get noticed better, convert better, and refer better? I’m sure you’ve heard of some of the following ideas before, but there might be a new one here or one you’ve never had time to implement. So as you read, pick out one to start with.

  1. Internal marketing is always the fastest way to a new booking. Pull a list of consults and patients from the last two years and reach out to them.
  2. A patient won’t book surgery with someone they don’t trust. So work on building an on going relationship with all your patients. What are your touch points… the sign on your building, your photo and bio — are they up to date, email campaign, your website. Work at making each of these touch points stronger.
  3. Then support your touch points with evidence. Do you have an album of testimonials available on your website and in your office? Is your before and after photo gallery up to date? What are you using for patient education to show you care enough to support them? Patient education is a key element for referrals. If you want a better conversion rate from your patient coordinator work on your process, training, and materials that will support her. In the reception area, if your patients have enough time to pick up a magazine and you don’t have a DVD loop of all your services running you are missing appointments.
  4. What are you absolutely the best at? Is there a procedure you enjoy doing more than others? Then, consider a tag line that promotes you as the go to plastic surgeon for that procedure.
  5. Social Networking doesn’t only happen online. Create a “Special Invite” card that is preprinted but has a space where you can fill in the date and have a staff member visit businesses within 5-10 minutes of your office for an invitation to a “Friday quick fix lunch and Q & A with the Doctor”.

Marketing is really all about attracting and creating good relationships. Depending on your budget, we have solutions that help you get noticed and increase conversion rates.

These are just a few ideas. If you want more please don’t hesitate to call me. I’d enjoy hearing from you.