Email Marketing

10 E-mail Marketing Tips from Tim

I believe so strongly in e-mail marketing. There is no other medium that allows you to directly stay in touch with your biggest fans. When done consistently and effectively, you can truly drive sales through your e-mail campaigns. E-mail marketing also offers protection. Google may change their ranking metrics for...

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Easy ROI: The Value of Email Marketing

Easy ROI: The Value of Email Marketing Do you ever feel like screaming in the face of all your marketing options? Every day it seems there’s a new way of doing the same thing: connecting with patients. But there is only one channel that everyone is on. It’s the way...

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Robust Reporting for E-campaigns

If you are among the many practices who have discovered the value of keeping in touch with your patients through regular emails and newsletters, you are most likely getting a nice return on your investment. Permission-based email marketing is relatively inexpensive and is a great way to build long-term relationships...

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